4 Tips for Using Parkinson's Law to Leverage Your Time More Efficiently

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. That's Parkinson's Law, and we've all seen it in action. Parkinson's Law is named for an author on the subject in the 1950s, Cyril Parkinson. It explains that report you needed to get done within a specific time and which you miraculously started and finished the night before it was due after pushing it off for weeks. 

5 Common Issues In Estimating

One of the traditional steps in deciding whether or not to take a job is checking over a client's estimate of what the project is going to cost. Sometimes clients are diligent, and they've already put together an educated guess as to what a project should cost. Other times... other times their guesses aren't really all that educated, which means you have to do double the work to correct the estimate.

Talk is Cheap: Why You Should Get Everything In Writing

Many small business owners are familiar with this scenario. You discuss the job with your client, agree to a fee, and shake hands on it. But once the job is done, the client refuses to pay up. Maybe he claims he forgot how much you agreed upon or maybe he claims to dislike the quality of the work, but either way, you're out materials and man-hours. You don't have to learn this lesson the hard way. Take it from us: get everything in writing. Here's why.