What trades can you work on?

We work across all trades, if you're unsure feel free to give us a call or email to discuss your specific requirements.

What types of projects do you work on?

Everything from small residential houses all the way up to the Sydney Opera House. From small owner operators to national and multi-national corporations we cover all corners of the construction industry.

What will I receive from you?

We complete a full set of marked up drawings for each project to show exactly what we have measured and provide a bill of quantities. Our bill of quantities is provided in Microsoft Excel to ensure everyone can use it and we're happy to provide assistance on how it all works over our first couple of projects working together.

What is the Cost?

We will give you a quote in both time and cost prior to commencing any works. If we believe this to change materially during the work, we will contact you as soon as possible to advise. That way you have price certainty on the work we do.

What is your turnround?

We can work around your deadlines as long as they're reasonable. We generally like around 1 week to complete a project and will keep you in the loop about progress.

Are you Accurate?

Short answer, yes.
Long answer, yes.

We provide marked up drawings and a full BoQ with every job. We also double check all of our work. The systems we have in place mean we’re extremely accurate. At the end of the day it’s still highly advised to double check everything to ensure you’re 100% happy.

Can you provide rates?

Sure, we can rate projects for you. We can either use industry rates or your own. For most clients, we create a custom rates list just for them, which we can use across all of their projects.

How do I get you the drawings?

Most people simply forward the email you have received from your client to provide access to the documents. Otherwise you can share them with us via dropbox or google drive or simply email them to us.  We’re also happy to log into your BIO, BidContender, EstimateOne account to grab them.

can you estimate for full builds /developments?

Yes we can, we love to work with builders and developers of all sizes from renovators and house builders all the way up to Lend Lease and Hutchinson Builders. We've worked for them all.

CAn you do earlY design phase work?

Yes we often complete estimates based on concept or development approval drawings. We have several options here to try and keep the cost down during this early phase of the project. You'll be suprised what we can do with what you have available.

Have you completed projects in my city?

Unless you're in the middle of nowhere the answer is probably yes, we've completed projects in all states and territories of Australia including all capitals and rural locations too.