We are two guys who got sick of seeing business owners sacrifice their life for their business and thought, ‘there’s got to be a better way...’


The TCA History

Total Construction Assistance (TCA) is an international business started by two Brisbane locals Nick Richards and Ben Blakesley. Through their years of experience in construction, finance and business a great understanding has been developed of the challenges involved in running a successful operation in the construction industry.

While the market can feel like a “dog-eat-dog” game, the mix of business know how and construction knowledge will assist in developing your business in to a success story. Nick & Ben are both passionate in assisting all businesses reach their potential, optimising their operations and reaching the goals that are strived for each and every day.

TCA takes the difficulties of day to day operations and makes them a seamless transaction. Don’t spend hours mulling over those parts of your business that seem to take all of your time, send them to TCA and spend more time doing those things you are passionate about.

As of 2017 TCA has also launched a US business, based in California.